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Potoos range from 21–58 cm in length. They resemble upright sitting nightjars, a closely related family (Caprimulgidae). They also resemble the frogmouths of Australasia, that are stockier and have much heavier bills. They have proportionally large heads for their body size and long wings and tails.
Genus: Nyctibius; Vieillot, 1816
Family: Nyctibiidae; Chenu & des Murs, 1851

Is The Potoo Bird Endangered? / Common Potoo - Kids Mongabay

The Common Potoo is not considered endangered as yet, however there is still a need to conserve it and educate your friends and family about this bird. Forests are being lost all over South and Central America and one day this bird too might lose its home if we don't do anything to make sure that it survives.

How Tall Is The Great Potoo? / What is a great potoo? - BBC Science Focus Magazine

Standing up to 60cm tall and with a wingspan of over 70cm, the great potoo is the largest member of the Caprimulgiformes – an order of birds that includes the nightjars and frogmouths.

How Long Does A Potoo Bird Live? / 31 Great Potoo Facts (Yes, They're Real!) Ultimate Guide ...

No one actually knows the lifespan of the great potoo. It's another one of their mysteries. If we go by similar bird species, it's probably somewhere around 12 – 14 years, but this is just a guess. Jan 4, 2019

How Many Potoo Birds Are There In The World? / Wild Facts About The Potoo That Prove They're One Of The ...

There are seven different known species of Potoo, and some of them look quite different. The two most common being the great potoo (left) and the common potoo (right). As you can see, they're unique looking creatures.

Potoo Species

Great Potoo
Common Potoo
Northern Potoo
Rufous Potoo
Long-Tailed Potoo
White-Winged Potoo

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Great potoo
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31 Great Potoo Facts (Yes, They're Real!) Ultimate Guide ...
How big is a great potoo? The great potoo measures around 18 – 23 inches (45.7-58.4 cm) tall.

They range in size from fishes that are only millimetres in size to those two or more metres (6.6 or more feet) in length, weighing 500 kilograms or more. Large ...

Common potoo
Aug 27, 2020 — Instead of building a nest, they find a branch or stub with a suitable depression or crevice of just the right size to accommodate the single egg they ...

Wild Facts About The Potoo That Prove They're One Of The ...
1. Potoos are most often found in Central and South America along the Amazon Basin. But these birds have been around the world, too. Potoo fossils were found ...

Nyctibius grandis: INFORMATION
Great potoos are neotropical birds found throughout Central America from as far north as southern Mexico to as ... The size of these home ranges is not known.

Common Potoo
Strange nocturnal bird like a mix between an owl and a nightjar. Large head ... Black mustache stripe helps distinguish from Great Potoo, along with smaller size.